Jon Moss Is Available For Hire

I’ve enjoyed working with a number of companies on various projects such as digital marketing integration (combining existing marketing initiatives with digital counterparts), strategic planning, marketing campaigns, content creation (blogging, photography, video, etc) and social media training.

Notable projects include writing digital marketing plans for a metro Chamber of Commerce and a regional electric utility & fiber optic provider, award-winning TV ad campaigns for a German automaker and marketing for an assortment of retail outlets as well as B2B ones.

I”m passionate about audience-building, story-telling and moving needles in the right direction. Currently, I’m looking for the next big thing for me. So if you know of something suitable, please let me know.

For more check out my LinkedIn profile, or ask me a question via Twitter.


LinkedIn No-No

Slap your face no-no

Come on. Haven’t we learned by now that people hate being sold (out)? People need to stop posting crap like this. Wake up! We aren’t buying what you’re shoveling anymore.

Yes, LinkedIn is the “business” social network, but that doesn’t mean you have to SPAM your professional sisters and brethren. Here’s the latest in a long list of offenders: asking people to tag potential prospects. That’s a one way ticket to getting ‘unfriended’, ‘un-LinkedIn’ or whatever you want to call it.

Don’t do it.



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