4 Myths, 5 Ways, 10 Stages, 20 Tools and 30 Tips for Social Media Marketing Success

Last week there was a flood of really good information coming out of the blogosphere.  So much that I decided to aggregate it here for those wanting to learn more about digital marketing and how it could fit into your business marketing plan.

4 Myths About Social Media and Business

Great little article by Leah Betancourt.  She breaks down some misconceptions that small business owners may believe about taking their business to the masses online.  Myths such as:

  • Small Businesses Must Be on Social Media (okay, I may disagree with Leah on this a bit, but her point is if your existing client pool is not active in social media platforms then you may be wasting your time)
  • Set It and Forget It (there is no auto-pilot when it comes to this stuff)
  • Social Media is only for Broadcasting Messages  (this mistake is repeated over and  over again by many companies)

Where’s the fourth one?  Go read the article for yourself.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Avoid Social Media Panic

Leah B. is back again with tips for small businesses looking to get into the social media pool.  Her recommendations are spot on:

  • Have a plan (how many times have you seen companies sign up for numerous platforms without a tie in to their existing marketing plan)
  • Take small steps at first (very true – it takes time to build up a following and more importantly foster trust among that following – view this as a part of a long term approach and not some quick scheme)
  • Be flexible (if devising a plan on your own, it may take some time and experimentation to find the right venue for your audience which in essence means your efforts may be better suited with one social media tool than another)

View the full article here

10 Stages of Social Media Business Integration

Brian Solis does a brilliant job of defining the steps needed to meld social media to a business marketing plan.   If a company chooses to skip over Stage 1 (Observe and Report) it can show in a really bad way.

Read the article for yourself

20 Tools for Tracking Social Media Marketing

Like  Merle says:   “Participating in social media doesn’t take a lot of money, but it is very time consuming and businesses want to know that all of this investment in time is paying off.”  Twenty different, but useful sites are listed with brief descriptions on what they do.  Be sure to check out BackTweets.  Read the entire article here.

30 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business

Printed in Inc. Magazine, April Joyner provides useful & practical tips on how companies can use social media to stand out and shine.  She includes tools and examples of each tip that really resonate.  Arguably a social media marketing primer for small business this is an excellent piece that is worth reviewing several times before jumping into the social media water.  Read the entire article here.

So there you have it!  An aggregated list of myths, ways, stages, tools & tips for social media marketing.  Take the ones most useful to your business model, fuse them to your marketing strategy and get started.  Which ones do you think apply most to your business?

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