Thanks for stopping by. Growing up, my family moved around…a lot. Our travels resulted in my attending 12 different schools (four different high schools – three my junior year), and forced me to push beyond myself and be more social.

The experience served me well as I continue to look at ways to push boundaries in the areas of marketing. The way people and companies communicate has dramatically changed over the last decade. It’s been an incredible journey discovering, tinkering and mastering¬†new modes of communication.

I spent many years in the insurance field as a health and life insurance broker. As an agency owner, I worked directly with carriers, medical providers and employers. Often, I served as business counsel to business owners as they looked to increase profits and lower overhead.

Through a number of consulting projects and the opportunity to work with a marketing phenom, I transitioned into the world of marketing. Social media was just getting started, and I jumped on board by experimenting with new platforms.

I’ve had the privilege to work in a wide variety of industries from utilities, fiber optics, automotive, radio, TV, startups, chambers of commerce, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, food service, fashion and many more.

While digital marketing has matured somewhat, the foundational tenets of marketing remain the same. I bring a wealth of digital knowledge balanced with years of analog experience to produce real results.

Glad to connect, and talk about your next project.