Change is coming around the bend

I’ve been putting a lot of thought as to what to do with this site.  Should it turn into a landing page that merely directs one to other sites I’m involved in?  Should I drop the blog portion?  Will anyone care or even notice? I dunno, but regardless I’ve decided to blog more about my interest in business mobile tech applications and how professionals can harness it for increased productivity.  At least for now.  Stay tuned.

  • http://www.juliebestry.com Julie Bestry

    Is it bad that when someone tells me to stay tuned, I immediately worry that I’m going to get out of tune? 😉

    Seriously, just letting you know that you have readers, eagerly awaiting whatever decision you make.

  • http://www.mossbenefits.com Jon Moss

    Thanks Julie. Introspection is a serious business, and I appreciate your comments. No worries!