Direction….at last!

After much thought and deliberation (all nighters)  I’ve decided on a new direction for this site.  My interests are diverse and my business ventures may seem unrelated (in reality they’re not), but there’s always been one common thread:  a passion for connecting business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs with people, marketing ideas and technology.  If I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting you in person at an event, chances are we’ve talked about either networking, marketing, social media, HR-related stuff or technological advances (cool gadgets and how to justify their cost vis-a-vis (bonus points for using French) business.

Conversations are always swirling around what’s working  in these areas so I thought why not document them.  I give you “What’s Working Now” and will strive to post the good along with the bad.  Look under the category “Not Working”  for the bad stuff.  As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions and conversation.  And now – on with the show!


Wait! Stop! One more thing – I intend to post at least three (3) times a week.  If you see me slacking off, puh-lease call me out here, on Twitter or shoot me an email jonfmoss [at] GMail [dot] com (take that all you scraping spam bots!!!)