Hey I Just Met You And This Is Crazy But Here’s My LinkedIn Profile So Connect With Me Maybe

Do I Know You?

Want To Make Real Connections With LinkedIn?

We’ve all received them. You know – those generic invites from people to connect on LinkedIn. Come on. Admit it. You’re guilty of sending some too. I know I am. It’s so easy to hit the “Connect” button next to a person’s profile in the “People You May Know” section. When you import contacts into LinkedIn they make it quite easy to hit a couple of buttons and send invites out to everyone. It’s quick, easy and nearly effortless, but I implore you not to take the easy way out. This is the lazy man’s way of doing LinkedIn.

Connecting with someone on LinkedIn should require more than just a mouse click. Discard the mentality that making connections on LinkedIn is akin to befriending acquaintances on Facebook. Think about it – the person you’re about to send a generic request to could be a real valuable resource to your and your career. They could become a source of great referrals, or help you make a connection with your next employer. Why on earth would you not want to tell them upfront why connecting with you is a good idea?

Have you noticed that not everyone you request a connection with responds. Could it be they don’t recall who you are? Don’t be so sure they remember meeting you eight months ago at that after hours chamber event. Chances are they don’t. Or worse – they can’t think of a reason why they should be connected with you.  And if they hit the “I don’t know this person” button LinkedIn takes note. Get enough people responding to your connection requests this way and LinkedIn will restrict your ability to make new connections.


Take Time To Make The Connection Meaningful

LRBRemind me how/when/where we met. If we haven’t, give me a reason or two why we should connect. Look around my profile. Take time. Make time to be meaningful when asking for a connection. You’ll find that’s the best way to make meaningful connections. Don’t be like the rest, and when you need someone like me they’ll be there. Someday I’m gonna need you too.

If I sent you to this article from LinkedIn, all I meant was please reply back with why you think we should connect.

To encourage more meaningful connecting, LinkedIn should allow us to personalize the outgoing message when sending invites on our mobile devices. Until then, I’ll refrain from requesting new connections on my iPhone.

Now for some fun. Can you identify the two songs referenced in this post? Here’s one of them.