Malcolm Gladwell Lecture

Malcolm Gladwell recently spoke at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, and I was fortunate enough to be there with FlipCamera in tow. Apologies in advance for the occasional unsteadiness of the footage.  The video is in two parts with Q&A at the end of part II.

In the lecture, Gladwell makes the case that miscalibrations of over confident financial leaders were to blame for the recent economic meltdown.  His comparison of a specific Civil War battle to the current situation is interesting to say the least.  The thought that we need to rely more on the humility of our leaders during times of crisis is refreshing.

For more insight be sure to read Kelly Gauthier’s interview of Gladwell in the Times Free Press. I was particularly pleased that she asked a question about his recent article in the The New Yorker that some mistook as a dismissal of social media and its role in society.