The Mount Rushmore of Social Media

Today we celebrate Presidents Day – a day equated with colossal car and mattress sales for many.  Besides that what

else comes to mind?  Lincoln, Washington and former presidents who had a huge impact on shaping the United States.   Mount Rushmore embodies the best of the first 150 years of American history in the form of it’s best Presidents.

Reduced by a factor of 10, the birth and growth of social media is not unlike the growth of our nation.  That begs the question: who should be on the Mount Rushmore of Social Media?  Rather than throw out some names, I’ll leave it to you to nominate your top four in the comments.   So who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of Social Media?

  • http://joejacobi.com/ Joe Jacobi

    Before giving my Mt. Rushmore of Social Medial, where to locate it? Maybe this a new opportunity to re-brand Rock City? Lots of nice rock face there but I suppose you could make a stronger case for Boston, which leads to me my list and Twitter addresses:

    1. Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogan)
    2. Gary V. (@GaryVee)
    3. Lance Armstrong (@LanceArmstrong)
    4. Jonathan Fields (@JonathanFields)