Marketing via Social Media: O2O

We’ve heard about B2B and B2C for years, and how it relates to social media.  I submit to you that the game is changing (once again).  Unless you sell a product/service that is easily bought online you aren’t going to do much direct selling via digital media channels.  Things aren’t sold within the confines of a 140 character Tweet or a post on the wall of the company Facebook Page.  Sales are driven by relationships

It’s All Relational

Relationship selling isn’t new, but applying it to social media may be new to some.  The idea is simple: take the conversation offline.  O2O = Online to Offline.  Make the connection via _____ (insert social media channel here). Generate interest. Establish rapport. Take it offline.  Make it real. Add relevance. Give it some teeth.

I’m starting to think that so many are resistant to social media because they aren’t thinking in these terms. It’s still all about cultivating relationships.  What’s changed is how you initiate them.  That’s what social can do for you, Mr CEO.